New York

Steps Competition

May 15-31   FINAL 🏁 

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$10,000 in the Prize Pool     ALEX     APower

The competition has officially ended! Congrats team MIAMI 🎉🎉
Stay tuned for the next competition and sign up now for Mebot.


                        BETA   300M     Signup  LIVE steps   2,061,967,611  

Miami Team
5,000 participants

New York Team
5,000 participants


Register Account

Register an account and connect your device for a chance to win the Steps Competition.


Choose your city

Choose between Miami and New York. You can participate even if you don't live in one of these two cities. Participate with your friends and family!


Get out of the house!

Contribute your steps whether you are working, shopping or walking in the park. Keep walking anywhere and anytime.


Connect your device

Connect your smartphone or smartwatch to upload your steps data.


Winning team earns the reward

While you walk, the pool will generate additional stacking yield. The winning group wins the total prize pool.

How do we count?

Once you connect your cellphone with our dashboard, we collect your steps data every day. The maximum number of steps per person per day is 10,000 steps.

Generative NFT Art Rewards

Every participant will be able to mint their NFT reward.

Sign up and qualify for MEBOTS whitelist!

A fitness NFT that's based on your biometric data. Participate from anywhere. It doesn't matter where you live in the world! Get on a whitelist for MEBOTS.


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